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Using your iPhone to manage your finances can be very useful.  These are 7 of our favorite apps to help make sure you keep your money as your money:

HomeBudget w/ Sync

Price: $19.99

  • Set up credit and debit accounts and track balances.
  • Set a budget and track expenses for different categories and sub-categories.
  • Create trend chart reports for your expenses, budgets and income for the last 12 months.
  • Use “family sync” feature to allow members of the household to exchange information and work together within a single budget.
  • Very visual and lets shared users see information quickly.


Price: Free

  • Set budgets and track your expenses.
  • Set notifications to remind you of upcoming payments or when you’re about to reach a savings goal.
  • If “location services” feature is turned on, app will automatically identify and categorize the venue of your transaction.
  • Save your receipts with each transaction.
  • Export your data to Excel or back it up with iCloud.



Price: Free

  • View all your personal finance accounts on one screen.
  • Categorize your transactions (groceries, bills and utilities).
  • Create your own budgets and adjust them for different expenses.
  • Receive bill reminders and alerts when approaching a budget limit.
  • App provides you with a free credit score.

Mint Bills & Money

Price: Free

  • View all your bills in one place.
  • Set reminders to notify you when bills are due.
  • Pay bills from inside the app with just a few swipes.
  • Sync your bank accounts with the app to track your expenses and divide spending into categories.
  • Use “Triple Layer Security” to ensure sensitive information is kept safe and secure.

Loan Calculator Pro

Price: $0.99

  • Calculate the monthly payment for different types of fixed rate loans, including home mortgage, auto and credit card.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios for adding payments.
  • Receive amortization tables and view a complete payment schedule consisting of the amount, interest, principal and remaining balance for every payment of the loan.


Price: Free

  • App analyzes your income and spending, finding small chunks of money you can put aside.
  • Moves that small chunk of money from your checking account to a “Digit savings” account.
  • Transfer money from Digit savings back to your checking account with a simple text message.
  • App has a “no overdraft guarantee,” promising to never transfer more money to your Digit savings account then you can afford.

Level Money

Price: Free

  • Plan for necessary expenses and set a savings goal.
  • App informs you of the leftover money, dubbed “Spendable” money.
  • App informs you how much “Spendable” money you have spent each month, and how much you have left to spend with a simple graphic.
  • Track and group expenses, month-to-month or annually
  • Create a daily spending guide to help you stay on track.

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