New Referral and Corporate Gifting Technology

New Referral and Corporate Gifting technology has emerged that will revolutionize the Corporate Gifting market.

This new technology enables small to mid sized businesses to send one off personalized, brand gifts to customers along with a special personalized, branded greeting card.

Sending one off cards and gifts through the mail right from any device, computer, tablet, or smart phone is a huge breakthrough and will eliminate bulk buying for branding. Here is a link to a video that will explain how this works. 


How Can I Get Referrals For My Business

How can I get referrals for my business, is a question that frustrates many business owners.

Business owners know that getting a referral is much more valuable than spending large sums of money on marketing. Getting referrals is more efficient than the other ways, but why isn’t this practiced more?

The main reason is that putting together a coordinated process to make it happen is time consuming and not taught in seminars. Many guru’s tell their seminar attendees to simply ask for referrals and ask often. When people try this they get shut down and wonder why.

When you ask for a referral you are creating a negative environment with results being negative. Rejection sets in and both the asker and the individual being asked, receive a negative experience. Here is a link to an article that I wrote about getting referrals and the best strategies to make it happen. 

Business owners go to seminar after seminar to learn but never seem to put the practices into play. Why is that? It’s because they find them confusing, and time consuming. They also have a fear of rejection, that when they follow the guru’s advice, because they have to ask for something that is foreign to them. It’s like asking for the sale, do you know how many sales people can’t do that?

“So what is the solution”, you ask?

“How can I get referrals for my Business”?

The solution is a product called Referrals on Autopilot. This program will tailor, to your business, using your style, a referral system that gets referrals without you asking.

You can learn how this works by following the information from the video. You will never find a process that works so efficiently and flawless enabling you to do what you do best, run your business.