Back Pain Treatment: 4 Options You Probably Didn’t Think About

People develop back pain for a variety of reasons.  In 90% of the cases, people are able to eliminate most neck and back discomfort through some simple back pain treatments that do not entail going to a doctor.

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That being said, however, if the comfort continues for extended periods of time, consulting with a licensed chiropractor is essential as there may be something more substantially wrong.


Sometimes the simplest solution is often overlooked.  Exercise is a very effective back pain treatment. Doing some simple exercises can dramatically help lower back pain.  WebMD has an excellent article on this very subject.  Some of the best exercises are simply taking brief walks, stretching and swimming.  Start gradually and slowly pick up the pace depending on your comfort level.

Temperature Modification

Alternating the application of hot and cold compresses can also help to serve as an effective back pain treatment. Application of an ice pack or a bag of ice to the back is recommended by doctors provided it is applied within the first 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. Apply the ice for 5-10 minutes. Ice minimizes the inflammation and swelling, numbs soft tissues, and slows nerve impulses in the injured area.

If, however, your problem is due to a spasm or other non inflammatory reason, a hot pack or heating pad can also be effective.  Heat tends to stretch and relax the muscles which can also help alleviate back and neck pain.


Although many people prefer to minimize the use of drugs as a way to treat pain, there is no doubt that medication can be the most effective way to quickly, and conveniently, relieve the discomfort of back pain. Some drugs, however, can have serious side effects and you should always consult with a doctor before taking any prescription medications.

Numerous non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Naproxen®, and Ketoprofen® are capable of minimizing pain. These anti-inflammatory medications assist in back pain treatment by minimizing the swelling and inflammation while allowing you to recover from the pain.

An anticonvulsant or an oral steroid might treat acute or persistent neck and back pain. Steroid injections are also efficient in lowering the inflammation and the treatment of neck and back pain triggered by spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and degenerative disc disease.

The Best Back Pain Treatment: Chiropractors

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If none of the above options are giving the relieve you want, you should consider a chiropractor.  Chiropractors are specialized in identifying problems in the skeletal and muscular structure that can cause back pain. They have many tools and techniques that offer significant back pain treatment to help minimize your overall discomfort. The first time I went to a chiropractor, not only did he identify the source of my back pain, he also identified issues I didn’t even know I had that were causing issues I had been living with for so long, I didn’t even realize they were issues.

Finding a good chiropractor can be a daunting task so the best recommendation I can make in this area is to talk to friends and get referrals. In my small town, there are only 3 chiropractors but every time I asked someone who they went to, it was always the same answer.

Preventing Garage Floor Paint from Peeling

There are many things to keep in mind of when it comes down to peeling and lifting paint in the garage. Peeling garage floor paint is the worst, and it is typically better to have no paint at all at this point. Dusty and dirty garage floors are accepted, because after this is normal but when the paint starts peeling, it is hideous and not a good thing to have in your garage. However, there are new kinds of technology out there that will prevent your garage concrete flooring coating from peeling away and coming up.

epoxy floor coveringThis type of epoxy coating is very resistance to just about everything such as floods, oil, snow, and also the rain of course. The reason for the resistance in the epoxy is because it comes in two different parts, unlike a conventional paint. When you mix the epoxy, it will begin to catalyze, and it will change from a regular liquid and turn into a solid permanently; while paint is usually based on solvent or water and can evaporate.
Epoxy coatings are designed to be resistant against dissolving. However, they are also excellent for issues such as chipping, peeling, and also blistering. Solvents and water will have zero effect on a sealed up surface that has epoxy.
Many new buildings are using epoxy floor coatings because they will not have to worry about it peeling or getting damaged in the future. Not only is this coating used in garage, but it can also be used inside of the home and also on the deck patio as well.
When you are applying the coating to the floors, preparation is the key to success. If you want the coating to stay there forever, then you need to prepare the floor properly. Naturally, if the substrate crumbles or moves, your surface will move with it. You will want to ensure that the floor is completely and totally clean before applying the epoxy. If you do not clean the floor or there are still latents on the floor, then eventually the epoxy will break free from your floor.
If you are interested in getting some top notch concrete floor coating, then you should not look any further than AAA Concreting, who can help you with all your epoxy coating requirements. So if you have peeling paint, it is time to consider epoxy.